Thank you!

13 Sep


Thank you so much for all your comments, we read the ones we got last night last night and when I looked this morning we’d have another influx of messages. We’ve just read them now and have a room full of smiles! It means so much to them to receive those messages, thank you!



Day 2 Kingfishers Oxenwood

13 Sep

Morning all!

I spoke to soon… the internet seems to crash at night, last night, it wasn’t alone. By 10.15 the children were snoozing (and snoring) happily away!

What a sensational afternoon we had. The children completed their last activity (and some more popped balloons, well done!) 

and then conquered the climbing wall. They were amazing, we had children who had real fear of the wall and went up). Some of them scaled like pro’s. Unfortunately none of us completed the blue rope wall. Next time….

Tonight, after a delicious roast dinner, we had some free time, the shop (oh, you are in for some treats!!!)  and an amazing football match. Then we had a demonstration of Ed’s trebuchet (a wooden medieval catapult in preparation for next terms ‘Norman conqueror’s’ topic ), Mrs Inman and Mrs Holtom are now experts-watch out! Then, we had a mini-disco with some great moves being thrown.

Lastly, we rounded off the evening with a nursery rhyme off, marshmallows and hot chocolate around the campfire.

These children are a credit to you all. I know I speak for the whole team, when I say what a pleasure and honour it has been to watch your children succeed, flourish and smile. I can’t wait to see you all later (although not as much as the children) to share their experiences.  

 Thank you





Day 2 Oxenwood

12 Sep

Aint no stopping us now!

Ain’t no stopping us now!

12 Sep

So, I’ve learnt to blog! It worked, hopefully it will continue. However, more importantly, the children have learnt sooooo many new skills this morning.

The first (and most important skill!!) is that they have learnt to tidy their rooms. Mrs P, Mrs H and myself did our best sergeant Major act and had room inspection. The children were rated on the smell, the floor, the beds (including folded pyjamas!) and bonus points for creativity. We were very, very impressed! Even the boys rooms smelt ok!

Then the rest of this morning has been spent on their activities. we have some shining stars in the making, Ethan and Ellis and Azad managed to pop the archery balloon, Fyna and Holly have excelled in riding bikes, Lizzie is a superstar fencer, to mention but a few. They are so brilliant, even when sleepy! This afternoon we have more actvities and the climbing challenge.

Keep leaving us messages, the children love to hear them!

Be back later (fingers crossed) for another update!


Kingfishers arrive!

12 Sep

Apologies if this did post last night or if it didn’t, the centre internet is very temperamental…. I wrote this last night before it all crashed!

Good evening all,

So… we are here.. and Mrs I is completing her first blog, cross fingers you are reading it!

Wow! Your children have been a credit to you all and what an awesome day we have had.

After the windiest journey ever we arrived at the centre and had a tour of the site and then a quick scramble in our bags before heading out to Fossbury hill fort.

The children walked up quite a sizeable hill and did so without any moans! We stopped had lunch and then carried on towards Fossbury hill fort. Once there the fun really started.

Alex, our instructor, explained to us how the celts defended their territory and how they celebrated their victories in battle (head a a spike anyone? unless, its a 1:1 battle in which case, pickle the head and bring it out for special occasions!!!) We also learnt how they approached battle being naked, blue, weeing in chalk amongst other things. We also learnt how the Romans retaliated. Then… we went to war and played some very energetic games of Celts Vs Romans. They were fab!

We then carried on our walk to get to a field that was full of real fossils. Alex explained that there were 2 main types of fossils we might find, sea sponge and coral. He also showed us an example of a fossilised sea urchin and a ‘fairies’ heart. However, he explained it was very unlikely that we would find these. Well, we like a challenge in kingfishers and with 5 minutes Mrs I had a sea urchin and 5 minutes later Sam had found a fairies heart. They were amazed.

After this we headed back to the centre for unpacking, tea (pizza and chips, served with fantastic manners!) and then set of for our night walk. Again the children were fantastic, thoughful, supportive, sensible, but mostly brave, because not only did we walk through dark fields but they had to conquer spooky alley!

We have literally just got back in and are having a hot chocolate and a story and then its off to bed.. cross fingers we get some sleep.

We are more centre based tomorrow so we will try to update photos throughout the day, although the system is temperamental, so bear with us!

***Morning news! The children are all up, awake, some fresher than others. They went to bed really nicely and were mostly asleep by 11pm,. Just sitting down for a mammoth breakfast.****



Oxenwood day 2 update.

11 Sep

Yesterday was fantastic. After a quality nights sleep, ending with many children needing to be prised from their sleeping bags, we enjoyed breakfast and then some time playing in the field in the morning sun.

The instructors then briefed us on what we would need for the day. Split into three groups, we spent about 2 hours on archery, mountain biking skills and fencing. Lots of new talents were acquired including some children learning how to ride a bike. A couple of the group went from not being able to ride at all to going over ramps in the space of an hour!

Between activities we had lunch and then at half two we gathered at the climbing wall. The children scaled the wall aiming for the button that set of a buzzer at the top. All of year four challenged themselves and over the course of the time on the wall managed to improve their climbing skills dramatically.

Dinner followed climbing, a roast with all the trimmings. Diaries next and then,
In three groups, the children had a chance to play cricket, use the shop and play some games in the classroom.

The day ended with us all gathered around a fire enjoying hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows. We even sang a few songs!

This morning the packing begins. When all the rooms and spotless we head off for some shelter building in the woods, lunch and home!

Thank you again for all the lovely comments, we look forward to seeing everyone later.

Some snaps from day 2

10 Sep

Here are some pictures of us mountain biking, fencing and doing some archery.